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Complete kit mechanically coupling mechanism 02A / 02J gearbox


299.00 *

In stock

Racing shift fork and shift rod bearing 02A /02J Transmission.


When ordering, specify diameter of the four shiftforkbushings ( 20 or 21mm ) and  diameter of the shiftrodsupport (15mm or 16mm ).


140.00 *

In stock

bearing bush for gearshift lever shaft 15mm

For 02A / 02J gearbox


30.00 *

In stock

HD springset shiftrod 02A/02J transmission

39.00 *

In stock

6speed transmissioncover VW 02A/02J transmission

298.00 *

In stock

420.00 *

In stock

Racing outputflange 02J Transmission.

280.00 *

In stock

332.00 *

In stock

348.00 *

In stock

These visco clutch reacts really faster and more aggressive then the standard units.


Takes more Power to the ground, also at shifting to another gear.


Please specify matching socket diameter  22mm or 25mm!!!!!!!!!!


In exchange for one standard visco clutch, with  intact housing..

Previous sending required !!



645.00 *

In stock

Aluminium Filterhousing 6 Speed 02E / DSG Transmission

99.90 *

In stock

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